I'm Jurjen Rammeloo, a UI/UX designer living in the Netherlands.

Creating clean designs that breathe.

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About me

If one wants to know how the world works, he should either study Physics or go to Law school. While doing the latter I discovered that I'd rather create new things that don't need studying or understanding. I'm passionate about clean designs that just work, feel intuitive and seem to 'breathe'. This is what I strive for and that's what my clients can expect. Want a great user experience for your app? Feel free to contact me or look at some of my work

App Design

Like the Law, Apps try to capture daily life and make it better, though it would fail at this when the User Experience isn't up to snuff. I'm specialized in designing intuitive and clean user interfaces, especially for smartphones and tablets.

Web Design

Nowadays, your website is mostly the first thing people see when they are interested in your company. Sadly, outdated designs overshadow your message and distract from what's so great about your company. Want te refresh your website? I'm happy to help, so don't hesitate to drop me a line.

My latest work

A couple of my projects.


App Design

A community app for a Dutch startup that builds apps for communities. From sport clubs and fraternities to churches and professional organizations.


App Design

By request of a large Dutch Lease company I designed an app that makes lease car owners aware of their impact on the environment and the costs of mobility.


App Design

HealthQuest helps people that are concerned about their general health (i.e. diabetics) to live a healthier life by challenging them with fun and original assignments. By completing these challenges they collect 'achievements' and break the cycle of unhealthy habits.

Golfclub Broekpolder

Web Design

I designed the website for a private Golf Club in Rotterdam to replace their old website. My primary focus was to create an outdoor feeling that makes both the club member and the visitor feel at home.